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What people are saying about
" I Am Canadian"

by Maxwell & Thain

Thank you Laurie and Maxwell!! This is so powerful the Music, the voices and the pictures .... together such a powerful statement of who we are as Canadians. I hope we never forget it, but , honour and cherish that we are one of the safest, most caring countries in the world. Canada Strong!!

Maureen Shaw

Via YouTube

Wonderful song. It should be shown in all the schools, churches and gathering places. We are one, we are Canadian!

David Price

Via YouTube

So Beautiful. Brought a tear to my eyes. This ranks with "Something to Sing About" as one of the most patriotic Canadian songs ever. Lovely tip of the hat to Stompin' Tom in the video as well. From this 2nd generation Lighthouse Keeper in Her Majesty's Canadian Coast Guard, please accept my humble thanks for a lovely reminder of how lucky we are to say, "I am Canadian."

Stanley Westhaver

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I love this song

Beverley Ann Hawse

Via YouTube

Love it!!

Claudia B.

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