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From a Floatplane

If you are traveling in British Columbia, particularly near the ocean or lakes, chances are you will hear the familiar drone of a floatplane. Looking up you might catch a glimpse of a lovely little floatplane. These planes have long been part of the fabric of this province.

Loggers, fishermen, miners and others working along the coast or in remote camps still rely on the nimble and capable floatplane to get them to and from work. These days there are commercial fleets of floatplanes that carry locals and tourists alike all around the province. In fact, B.C. is home to the largest floatplane company in North America.

The inspiration for "From A Floatplane" came from that feeling of freedom and pure wonder that flashes through your mind as the plane goes effortlessly where you cannot. With this "go anywhere" image  we were able to name many of the iconic places and landmarks on the south coast. You will want to book the very next flight when you hear the line in the song that says, "I'm sure nothing looks the same from a floatplane."

From a Floatplane

                                                           Written by: Laurie Thain and Gord Maxwell

Riding along the seawall in the early morning light

I stopped to watch a floatplane

Winding up and taking flight.

And as I watched it clear the Lion's Gate and climb into the sky

I wondered what the coast would look like

From that floatplane flying by.




So I close my eyes

And dream of what I'd see

If I were flying free

In a floatplane

(Oh) It looks so heavenly to me

I’m sure nothing looks the same

From a floatplane


We could fly over Grouse Mountain

and circle back to English Bay

Through the heart of Vancouver 

And Granville Island on our way

West across the Georgia Strait, islands and sea below 

To Tofino or Victoria or anywhere you’d like to go.




Look down, there's a lighthouse.

Wow, look at all the sailboats!

The ferry boat looks like a toy.

What a picture-perfect day.



*Special thanks to our little float plane passengers: Brynn, Gracey,  Logan.

© & ℗ 2021 SOCAN. Pure Pacific Music. All Rights Reserved.


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