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Maxwell & Thain

Maxwell & Thain is a musical collaboration of seasoned, award-winning, country/pop singer-songwriters from Canada’s West Coast.  For over 30 years, Gord Maxwell and Laurie Thain have been quietly writing and co-producing custom music projects, themed musicals and educational material for young learners, while pursuing independent music careers. Partners in Pure Pacific Music for Young Learners, Maxwell and Thain continue to write and record music for international publishers such as Oxford University Press, Nickelodeon and Apollo English. This talented team has amassed a catalogue of lyrically rich, melodic songs that cross all musical genres. In June 2023 they released their brand new concept album, BCing Is Believing - music that rings with the beauty and spirit of their home province, British Columbia, Canada. Check out “I Am Canadian” on the home page as well. "I Am Canadian is very popular;  one listener commented, "This should be our new national anthem."

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