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Big Red Apples

Hands up everyone who went on family vacations to the Okanagan every summer when they were kids!! I think I just saw the entire Maxwell family raise their hands! In fact, I think I saw half of the families in B.C. raise their hands. Yes, a summer trip to the Okanagan was a ritual for many families and it is easy to understand why. I'll bet half of the retirees in the Okanagan region began their love of the Okanagan Valley when they were children running in the sun and splashing in the water. Our song "Big Red Apples" is a musical snapshot of those carefree summer days as recalled by the Maxwells. Fun fact,  the Maxwell girls can be heard singing background vocals and reliving those Okanagan summers.

We made a great start on this song by spinning off a children's song written and performed by Bing Jensen. We were so taken with the energy and the feel of Bing's song "Miracle in My Backyard" that we asked him if we could base "Big Red Apples" on his work. In his song, Bing bounces and bops and sings about his vegetable garden, big red tomatoes and little green peas; pure fun!!

Big Red Apples

                                                                                      Written by: Laurie Thain, Gord Maxwell and Bing Jensen


Winter is gone, summer is here.

Summer is my favorite time of year.

Every year when I was small,

We’d jump in the van, dog and all.


We’d head up highway five or three,

To the perfect place for a family.

Drive over the mountains and before you know,

The Okanagan Valley was there below.



They’ve got big red apples

And giant purple plums

Apricots and cherries,

You can stop and get some.

Baskets of peaches, nectarines and pears

It’s absolutely perfect!

It’s like paradise there.


We’d get a watermelon for all to share,

Take it to the beach and eat it there.

We’d swim and dive and water ski.

The Okanagan Valley was heavenly.




It’s better than ice cream or birthday cake.

It’s better than a thick vanilla shake.

It’s better than our dog, even better than our cat.

Wow, I can’t believe you actually said that . . . anyway . . .


From Vernon to Penticton and in between

Is the greatest place you’ve ever seen.

Vineyards and orchards and sunshine galore,

We can’t wait to go back for more.



Thank you to Lydia, Aubrey and Savannah Maxwell - the kids!

© & ℗ 2020 SOCAN. Pure Pacific Music. All Rights Reserved.

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