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The Rivers

The chorus for "The River" arrived quite unexpectedly one sunny, summer afternoon.  A group of us, were out for a ride with a beachcomber who had recovered a very large log. He was towing his find down the Fraser River to deliver it. We were invited to jump aboard the little tug and go along for the ride.  The log was so large that some of us decided to stand on it and ride it down river; what an amazing feeling! The flow of the river and the sound of the water rippling around the log set up a rhythm and a melody that became the seed of the song "The River".

Our rivers feed us, provide us with the water of life, give us hydro power, offer us unlimited recreational possibilities, delight us , thrill us and fill us with awe all at the same time. "The River" focuses on three main rivers in the province: the Fraser River, the Columbia River and the Skeena. With so many gorgeous rivers to choose from you will have to forgive us if we didn't include your favorite river in the song. Every river is a wonder; every choice is a winner so we hope you enjoy our tribute to our rivers.


                                                         Written by: Laurie Thain and Gord Maxwell


I wanna go where the river takes me

Trust where it goes

See what it knows

Take an endless ride

Let the water be my guide

And let it all go – flow river flow.


         Shooting through the canyon

         Jagged rocks and chilling spray

         My heart is pounding in my chest

         White water rapids are spinning me around

        As the mighty Fraser puts me to the test.



          ‘Round a bend on the Skeena

          Down along the gravel bar

          I see fishermen all lined up on the shore

          The salmon are all running and today might be the day

          They hook the big one they’re all looking for.



           Winding down from the Rockies

          The Columbia rolls through

          A wide forest valley lush and green

          As my paddle breaks the silence and the ripples swirl and fade

          I’m amazed at the places I have been.


          Tag: I wanna go, flow river flow.

© & ℗ 2021 SOCAN. Pure Pacific Music. All Rights Reserved.

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