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BCing Is Believing

​BCing is Believing is the title track of our album. The song and the title concept have an interesting backstory. In 1998 and 1999 we wrote two family musicals for the Greater Vancouver Zoo in Aldergrove. The little musicals were one-person shows with zoo staff making cameo appearances to “show and tell” about selected zoo animals.


The first musical was called All Things Wonderful; it featured original songs about a variety of exotic animals on the property. The second show was called BCing Is Believing, and it focused exclusively on the amazing animals indigenous to B.C.


We have always loved the image that the title BCing Is Believing evokes. To us it has the nuance of a place so special that it “must be seen to be believed”. With so much beauty and diversity in B.C. we wanted to tell the story of the province in song. We also wanted to put the title, BCing Is Believing, to work and to give it a proper home. We resurrected the track from the zoo show, adjusted the lyric and set out to write an album of songs that would ring with the beauty and spirit of B.C.

BCing Is Believing

                                                                                           Written by: Laurie Thain and Gord Maxwell

You could travel all around the world.

. . . searching endlessly

But you could never find a place

. . . more beautiful than B.C.



BCing is believing.

Where else can you look an orca in the eye?

See a moose over here and an eagle up there

. . . a salmon jump and a grizzly bear.

Talk about a natural dream come true.


​You can hike along a mountain trail

Or sail on the ocean breeze

Or catch a ferry to an island hide-a-way

Play tennis in the morning

And ski all afternoon

Then watch the sun go down in English Bay




Oh you’ll start believing

BCing is believing

Lakes and rivers, mountains and trees

Sea to sky so wild and free

Talk about a natural dream come true

BC is a natural dream come true.


© & ℗ 1999 SOCAN  Pure Pacific Music

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