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The Ferry Boat Song

The BC Ferries are one of the symbols of British Columbia. The west coast is such a beautiful place yet it is not always accessible. The BC Ferries fleet of ships is a natural extension of the highway system in B.C. carrying residents and tourists to their coastal destinations.

I feel fortunate to be able to load my car onto a ferry or simply walk on board to go see friends all along the coast. The ocean is exhilarating and a day out on the ocean is an adventure and a great change of scenery.

Like is says in the song, "Where would we be without this fine fleet"? Simply put, many of us would be landlocked!!

The Ferry Boat Song

                                                          Written by: Laurie Thain and Gord Maxwell


Here on the west coast the waters are wide

​But we're not held back by the wind or the tide

Hundreds of islands are ours to explore

Cause the ferry boats carry us shore to shore.


Through the straights and the narrows on water highways

They weave through the islands connecting the bays.

A lifeline for many, the pride of us all

As they come and go from each port of call


So carry us away

Ferry us away

Out on the ocean so wild and free

Carry us away

Ferry us away

To all of those places that we love to see


With the blare of the horn we're on our way

The price of the ticket's a small price to pay

For a day on the water, enjoying the coast

Aboard this fine ship, a magnificent host

Step out on the bow, breathe the salt air

Refreshed by the spray and the wind in your hair

Surrounded by beauty above and below

Look! There’s an orca, just part of the show.



Where would we be without this fine fleet

That brings us together and makes us complete

 CHORUS x 3 and fade . . .

© & ℗ 2021 SOCAN. Pure Pacific Music. All Rights Reserved.

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