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Chilcotin Holiday

In 1995, Laurie was invited to spend a few days at a guest ranch near Gold Bridge called Chilcotin Holidays; here is her story.


Having never been to this part of the province before, I had no idea what to expect as I drove into the Chilcotin. I noticed that very soon after leaving Highway 1 and heading west, everything started to feel very remote. I felt that I had been vaulted thousands of miles into this wild and beautiful place yet checking my watch I was only a few hours from Vancouver.  As I drove up to the ranch everything was quiet and calm and the air that I was breathing seemed sweet.


While there I was guided into the high country on horseback . . . breathtaking to say the least. This is somewhere that you don't venture unless you know where you are going and what you are doing. The wildlife there is abundant and you never know what you might meet, ready or not!! The horses and the cowboy vibe along with the scenery that we rode into left me feeling refreshed, privileged and like I had stolen a glimpse of a sacred place where nobody had ever been before. The experience inspired me to write "Chilcotin Holiday" to capture the essence of this pristine area of the province.

Chilcotin Holiday

                                                                                       Written by: Laurie Thain and Gordon Maxwell


Five hours from the city

But a million miles away

There’s a dusty road to heaven

That takes less than half a day


When life becomes a desert

Not a drop of hope around

Head straight to the country

Where what you’ve lost can all be found



Trust your life to a careful mountain pony

She'll give her all just to get you to the sky

Step by step your spirits will be lifted

Into a sacred hideaway    

Chilcotin Holiday, Chilcotin Holiday


Fresh air will surround you

Green as far as you can see

The blue skies will astound you

Wildlife running free


So get your things together

Hey, what I'm telling you is true

There's magic in those mountains

And it’ll make you feel brand new


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TAG:   So get out and get away

Chilcotin Holiday (repeat)


© and 1995 SOCAN Pure Pacific Music/Nodrog Music. All Rights Reserved

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