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What people are saying about
Maxwell & Thain's
BCing is Believing

"This is absolutely the best marketing music I have ever heard."

 Kevan B. - Chilcotin Cariboo, B.C.

"I don’t know if the government of British Columbia hired these folks to write this album, but if they did and the brief was 'write a love album for BC', Maxwell & Thain absolutely nailed it! Easy listening at its gosh darn best right here. Beautiful vocals on songs that are happy and sweet, but not without a little humor. “Bears!” manages to be both hilarious and educational, while everything else just makes me wish I were Canadian. I’m the mom the a 9-year-old and I suddenly wish we were packing up the car for a summer road trip in BC. An album that shows how much these folks love the beauty of their homeland. Bravo! Love, Love, Love"

Catherine - Japan

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