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Hai, Hai, Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii is an extremely important place to Laurie as it holds a very important place in her heart and in her history. It was in Haida Gwaii while singing in Masset that Laurie wrote her first song. The song, "Lady, You're Gonna Lose Him", was written just in time to be featured on Laurie's national television debut in 1979 as part of her winning performance on the duMaurier Search for Stars. The song was also the first single from Laurie's debut album Hopeless Romantic which was released in 1982.

In 1997 Laurie returned to Haida Gwaii to write a song for the Haida nation called "Lament for the Golden Spruce". The song was written to soothe the people of Haida Gwaii after their sacred Golden Spruce was senselessly cut down. Laurie gave " Lament for the Golden Spruce" to the Council of the Haida Nation as a gift thereby waiving her moral rights to copyrights.

Through repeated visits to Haida Gwaii Laurie became enchanted and inspired by the islands and the pristine beauty found there. During a visit in 2015 the idea for the lyric for "Hai, Hai, Haida Gwaii came to her. When Laurie presented the lyric to Gord he was immediately inspired to write the music that you hear on BCing Is Believing. It was natural that Gord be the one to sing the ballad on the album and it is easy to hear why. "Hai, Hai, Haida Gwaii" is a perfect example of how Maxwell & Thain work. They are so in tune with each other musically and in outlook that the results are truly synergistic. 

Hai, Hai, Haida Gwaii

                                                                                  Written by: Laurie Thain and Gord Maxwell



Hai, Hai, Haida Gwaii

How I’ve missed your soul and your changing sky.

My heart is guided to your light

Like a northern star, Haida Gwaii.


Through pounding waves and icy spray

The Expedition makes her way

To the green and misty shores

Where my cares are blown away once more.

I travel light, free and wild

Cradled like a newborn child

And as I wander by the sea

Your spirit sings to me.



Endless days on endless sand

Watching sunsets paint the land

Breathing life back into me

You lift me up, you set me free.

And as the precious years go by

I whisper “thanks” for Haida Gwaii

And those watchmen who guard and tend

So this ancient poem never ends.




BRIDGE: There’s something here that calls my name

And leads me back time and again

I feel it in the wind and in the tide.


Hai, Hai, Haida Gwaii

How I’ve missed your soul and your changing sky.

My heart is guided to your light

Like a northern star . . .


© & ℗ 2021 SOCAN. Pure Pacific Music. All Rights Reserved.

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