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A Brand New Christmas Song For You!

“Paint This Christmas Blue”, the new Christmas song from Maxwell & Thain this year, is not your traditional Christmas fare. This song understands that not all Christmases are created equal. It is a melancholy portrait of how it feels to spend the holidays without that special someone, that one person who used to put the magic into Christmas.

“Paint This Christmas Blue” was written a few years back by Laurie and pianist/composer Jim Hodgkinson. This year Maxwell & Thain pulled it out and polished it up for Christmas. Jim played piano, Gord wrote a heartbreakingly beautiful arrangement and finally Laurie and Gord added the vocals. And there you have it, a fresh new song from Maxwell & Thain!!

Maxwell & Thain - Paint This Christmas Blue

Our Christmas tracks available for purchase on CDBaby:

NEW FOR 2018 - “Paint This Christmas Blue” – Maxwell & Thain

Written by: Laurie Thain, Jim Hodgkinson and Gord Maxwell

Written by: Laurie Thain

Written by: Gordon Maxwell and One Horse Blue

“Christmas Wishes” - Maxwell & Kaye (Debbie Lori Kaye)

Written by: Laurie Thain and Gordon Maxwell


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