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Our Canada Day song giveaway promo was a great success! Maxwell & Thain would like to thank everyone who downloaded a copy of I Am Canadian and shared in celebrating our country's 151st birthday! To be informed about the next M&T promo offer, sign up for our mailing list!

I Am Canadian

Written and performed by Maxwell & Thain

Created in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, “I Am Canadian”
is a song that celebrates the essence of being Canadian.


The song is written and performed by Maxwell & Thain, a musical collaboration of seasoned, award-winning, country singer-songwriters from Canada’s West Coast. For over thirty years, Gord Maxwell and Laurie Thain have written and produced music while actively pursuing independent music careers. As partners in Pure Pacific Music for Young Learners, they’ve written for Oxford University Press of New York, and educational publishers in Asia.

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