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I Am Canadian

                                                                                           Written by: Laurie Thain and Gord Maxwell

I am Canadian.

I was born that way.

Raised right here in this house,

Where my family lives today.

My grandparents loved this great land –

Built their dreams with their own hands.

And they fought so that we

Could be strong and free

I am Canadian


I am Canadian.

It didn’t start that way.

I was only three years old

When we came to this land to stay.

Leaving everything behind –

Not knowing what we’d find

I’m so thankful today

I can stand here and say

I am Canadian



We come from different places.

We all have different names.

We all have different faces,

But we are all the same.


We are Canadian,

Daughters and sons

We are joined at the heart,

with a spirit that makes us one.

From sea to sea to sea,

We live in harmony

Together we will stand

And protect this land

We are Canadian!


TAG: Deep inside, there’s a quiet pride

We are Canadian!



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